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September 24, 2012
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From the Personal Audio Logs of Doctor Alexander Valiant

Everyone Else:
-Lara Cassidy: "What can I say about Lara?? She helps with daily tasks, and tries her hardest to keep me dedicated to a semblance of normal life... at least as normal as my life is anymore. When Lara was first given the job, she worried she'd become overwhelmed. I'd like to think she's become quite acclimated to comings and goings of being my liaison... and quite possibly my best friend in decades."

I'd imagine Lara's situation to be very similar to that of the movie version of Pepper Potts. While not as crazy at times, I'd imagine trying to keep tabs on Doc Valiant, as well as getting him to stick to any semblance of a schedule, to be more than a handful. Lara gets to see a side of Doc Valiant very few get to see. A more jovial, witty side to him.

-Mayor Donovan: "I don't normally share my political opinions with the world. I turn both parties away when they come seeking funding or endorsements. So Quimby's never bothered with me, (having failed at such endeavors himself) and I like to keep it that way as best as possible. There's just something about this man (and the company he keeps) that bothers me. Course that could be because I just really hate politics... but there might be more to it. Must investigate further."

Doc tries to keep politics out of his life (not always successful though). But he's not above making small talk with the likes of Donovan if they bump into each other at a party or press conference (when Doc actually attends such things)... and keeps it AT small talk.

-Cassandra Devereux: "If I have some reservations and suspicions about Donovan himself, multiply those by ten and you got an idea of my views towards Deputy Mayor Devereux. If what I hear (from my contacts) is true... she may very well be someone I should keep an eye on from now on... and NOT in the way she probably wishes."

Doc's still trying to figure out Cassandra. Still trying to figure out whether or not the suspicious feeling he's got is well founded or just the bias of decades-worth of history in such circles. He finds her beautiful, but Doc's long-since learned that "a pretty face can hide some of the worst minds".

-Rocky: "A good dog. A damn good dog indeed."

Stories and rumors abound about how Doc met Rocky, "The Canine Dynamo". Some say he saved Rocky from a barbed-wire fence the Nazis had errected to slow down Allied vehicles, and helped the dog recover. Others say he had become friends with Rocky's original owners (kindly old townsfolk types in the Occupied areas of Europe) who were killed for collaboration, leaving the dog ownerless. And some even say Rocky was an escaped experiment meant to create a superior breed of dog. Well whatever the truth, there was no denying that the two were as thick as thieves.

Personal Rogues: (for some stories that have yet to be written)
-Doctor Destruction: "The late Mortimer Tibbs was a crazy yet brilliant scientist with the typical 'conquer the planet' ambitions. Always cooking up far-out schemes, or bizarre experiments. Be it Mutants, Dinosaurs, Giant Robots, Ray Guns, Zombies, etc. Or hell... all of the above in one case (made for an interesting report that day I'll tell you)."

Doctor Destruction comes from a time period (50's/early 60's) when science was seemingly running wild. If Doc Valiant is based on guys like Doc savage, Captain America, etc. then Doctor Destruction is based on alot of those old serial movie mad scientists, (The Scorpion, Doctor Satan, Crimson Ghost, etc.), pulp novel mad scientists (Doctor Death) and/or from the various B-Movies of the 50's (Doctor Cyclops, Professor Gerald Deemer, etc.). With a pinch of Doctor Sivana. So yeah... he's going to be fun to use.

-Golden Dragon: "Some wannabe Fu-Manchu type who was always trying to expand his criminal empire. Has 'calmed down' as of late, but I'll never simply assume that he's given up on his insane ambitions. Is, unfortunately, fond of lengthy monologues. A good punch to the face tends to cure that."

Makes sense, with Doc Valaint being in the pulp hero mold, that one of his enemies is also cut from that similar time period. Fu Manchu, Yellow Claw, The Mandarin, and other such warlord types. Except perhaps not quite as stereotypical.

-Madame Kai: "*sighs* I really don't wanna talk about it. Too many emotions, and too many 'coulda, woulda, shoulda' situations. It's just.... I don't wanna talk about it- *click*"

Something that started out like the usual enemy/rivalry relationship that ended up becoming a surprisingly personal matter that ended in tragedy. It's one of those matters that still bothers Doc.

-Maciste: "My first superhuman opponent from The War. An Italian blackshirt turned Axis-funded superpowered tank named after some Hercules knock-off. Lived by his own 'code' of sorts that at times clashed with the agendas of his superiors. Felled by one of the most deceptively simple, yet deadly, of things."

Basically the 'Master Man' to Valiant's 'Captain America'. Bigger, Stronger, Tougher... and at times rock stupid. Probably one of the few things from that time period that WON'T come back to make problems for him, as he's long since become worm food.

-Red Guardsman: "An annoyance from my Cold War days. A Soviet thug with energy-based superpowers, and thankfully not much else. Probably almost kickstarted World War III every time we faced. Was glad to hear that Olga was nothing like this scumbag. Some wars should just STAY OVER."

For this guy, think Pyro, but with electricity instead of fire. He can't create it, but he can manipulate it. Now finds himself a relic from this time period, and seen as an outsider, rogue and villain by his own country. And somehow he blames all this on guys like Doc.

-The Shadowed Veil (aka: The Parkway Murders): *REDACTED and ERASED* Note: The less remembered about this, the better.

Basically from a future story that delves into some major horror territory, and may have led to the creation of the first of what became the "Worst Fear Protocols".

-Stahlkaisers: "Relics from a war that's (supposed to be) long over. Yet for many years afterwards I was STILL finding these damn things. I'd like to believe that they're all gone, that I can put an end to this needlessly long chapter of my life, but just when I think I can relax, someone finds a new one. They're like bad pennies. While old technology, these robots had some of the most sophisticated and at times 'weird' weapons the Nazi scientists could think up. So it's probably best not to underestimate them if some idiot manages to activate them."

If it wasn't obvious, these are based on the classic Marvel menaces, the Sleeper Robots. Though these are more warmech-ish than classic pulp sci-fi.
Well here's the next part of the current PoV for Doc Valiant. This time about some of his views of the non-Superhuman community.

AND as an added bonus for those of you who enjoy his history/mythos... a little peek into some of his own personal Rogues Gallery.

Hope you enjoy. :D
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Very enjoyable read including the characters I am not familiar with which just goes to show how popular this POV concept is.
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well in this one there's bound to be more characters you don't know of than the ones you do. I still need to write some of these stories. XD

Have all these stories that are either barely started, half-finished, or just stuck.
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still working on it... plus wanna get a story out dealing with him meeting another hero before putting THAT one out. ;)
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