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Sprite Stuff: Taichi Keaton by SXGodzilla Sprite Stuff: Taichi Keaton by SXGodzilla
A rather simple (to me) sprite edit to make a rather interesting (though slightly obscure) manga/anime character, the main hero of the manga/anime 'Master Keaton'. The son of a Japanese zoologist and a 'well-born' Englishwoman, young Taichi went to live with his mother in England after his parents divorced. 

What (to me) sets him apart from the usual anime/manga hero is that he's more of a throwback to the era of pulp heroes, guys like Doc Savage and the like. Like the legendary Doc, he's incredibly well-versed and exceeds in various fields. Oxford trained, he later joined the British Army, even managing to qualify for the SAS. He proved so damn good at his SAS training, designed to teach someone how to sneak into enemy territory and get a job done with as minimal weaponry as possible, that he later became a survival instructor for them. By the time he left, Taichi was a Master Sargeant.

He's also studied in Archaeology, something he still seems to do in his free time. 

Maybe because of this expertise, he's gained an almost Sherlockian ability when it comes to analysis and detection. Despite his stated job as an insurance investigator, he more often than not finds himself coming up against criminals and thieves among other problems that you wouldn't normally think insurance-employees would find themselves having to deal with. Though his skills prove more than capable of seeing him through these situations.

Another seeming difference that sets him apart is that he's more older than typical anime/manga protagonists, being in his mid-thirties (which is practically middle aged in that genre ;p). 

He's basically Batman without the superhero 'alter ego', and without the 'playboy' lifestyle. Both of them having gained considerable knowledge, experience and skills in half the amount of time it'd take for people normally.

Made this sprite using Karman Cole from 'Art of Fighting 3', recolored, slightly tweeked and shrunk a bit (AoF sprites are pretty big)... and old reliable standby Cody Travers's head, just edited and tweeked to match the more 'rounded' face of Taichi. Still not 100% satisfied with his face, as Keaton has a bigger... wider nose. :shrug:

Hope it looks good for such a... simpler sprite edit.
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